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  • LUR's Strategic Growth Innovators offers comprehensive growth and funding strategies to executive directors of service-based and community-based nonprofits, empowering them to maximize impact and secure their financial future.

  • Our services are tailored for executive directors of nonprofits who are committed to driving significant growth, securing funding, and making a lasting impact in their communities.

  • We provide strategic planning, funding strategy development, organizational audits, and customized growth programs designed to align with your nonprofit's unique mission and goals.

  • By identifying and leveraging your organization's inherent strengths, we help you formulate and implement strategies that enhance growth, improve funding opportunities, and ensure long-term sustainability.

  • Reach out to us at to schedule a consultation. During this session, we'll discuss your organization's needs and how our services can help achieve your goals.

  • We work with a diverse range of service-based and community-based nonprofits, focusing on those ready to embark on a strategic growth journey regardless of their size.

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For more detailed inquiries or specific questions about how LUR's Strategic Growth Innovators can support your nonprofit, please contact us directly at

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When our primary funding was slashed, I was devastated. Our community's lifeline was at risk, affecting women and children who relied on us. Partnering with LUR Growth, we explored innovative solutions, leading us to group trauma counseling, which secured new funding from organizations like the YMCA and expanded our services. The Spark Intensive program transformed our approach, enabling us to survive and thrive, opening a new office and reinstating all laid-off staff. LUR Growth didn't just guide us; they reignited our mission and expanded our impact."

— Sarah, Executive Director

Client Recommendations

"Joining LUR Growth's Spark Intensive was a turning point. Faced with funding cuts and unmet engagement goals, we were struggling. Their strategic insights and hands-on support helped us pivot our approach, reaching our community directly in their spaces, leading to unprecedented engagement levels and additional funding. LUR Growth's program taught us to leverage our data and adapt our services, ensuring we met and exceeded our objectives."

— James, Nonprofit Director

Client Recommendations

"When we faced a 20% funding cut, Latoya helped us realign our initiatives with our donors’ changing priorities. Her expertise not only recovered the lost funds but also increased our total funding by 25%. This approach deepened our donor relationships and diversified our funding sources, stabilizing our operations. Latoya’s guidance was pivotal in enhancing our strategic alignment and securing sustainable success. I highly recommend her services to any nonprofit looking to strengthen connections with their supporters."

— Emma, Executive Director

Client Recommendations

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